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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Hill House Christian Centre’s aim is to encourage the commitment of people’s lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and spiritual development in individuals of all ages, families, churches and groups, through the provision of Hill House, its leisure facilities, camp field and grounds.


1. The Directors of Hill House Christian Centre will ensure that, Hill House and all its activities will be
efficiently managed to the glory of God.
2. To operate Hill House as a Christian conference centre, available to churches, youth groups,
families, schools, conferences and organisations with the inclusion of Christian teaching and witness.
3. To provide a summer youth holiday camp programme. The camp will have the aim of providing
evangelism, Christian teaching and fellowship for young people.
4. To use the residential accommodation for the housing of centre managers, maintenance and ground
staff. To treat with Christian care and concern all those employed and involved with Hill House.
5. To be part of the local neighbourhood and a Christian example to the community.
6. To continue the maintenance and improvement of Hill House’s facilities, accommodation and
7. To be open to consider ideas which would allow a greater fulfilment of the stated mission, but are
also compatible with and complimentary to existing activities.


The Directors