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19th April

Lifeguard – Dan has been on the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification course this week and congratulations are in order as he has passed and joins Steve and David as Hill House Lifeguards.

16th April

Where has the time gone!  A statement many of us say, as we stop and realize that we are a quarter of the way through 2019 (or is just a case that I am getting older and time seems to fly)!!

Well, which ever it is, we have been very busy with lots of guests since the completion of the redecoration of the Main House  in early February.  It is always wonderful to greet and catch up with those regular groups returning, but also very exciting to have welcomed 5 new groups so far this year from various parts of the country.  The Lord is really blessing us with a very full calendar throughout the whole year.  We are in a very privileged position in that we get to hear first hand, how the Lord is working and changing lives in different fellowships throughout our land.  We pray ‘Lord continue to move and use these amazing facilities and the team at Hill House for Your glory’.

John 15:13  Jesus told his followers “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”.  Over this Easter period may we open our hearts afresh, to be melted and moulded, by our Lord, as we think about and celebrate the greatest story of love ever recorded and give Him our thanks, praise and adoration.

The Lord bless you and your loved ones this Easter.

16th February

Please note that there will be NO Coffee & Shop on Thursday 21st or 28th February due to group bookings.  We hope to see you all on the 7th March.

12th February

We thank the Lord that the redecoration of the main house was completed and everything back in place for St Leonard’s who were with us this past weekend.  The decorators have have done a great job. Here are a few photos.


Once a month we will be hosting Live Free Crafts.  This is their programme and if you are interested in attending, please contact livefreecraft@gmail.com

1st February 

Hill House looking like a ‘winter wonderland’ this morning!


30th January 2019

It is hard to believe that January is already drawing to a close!

No bookings were taken in the main house throughout January, as all the bedrooms were going to have a make over. The decorators are nearing the end of their mammoth task, painting all the bedrooms, along with hallways, door frames and skirting.  Most of the bedrooms on the first floor are also having new carpets laid next week and new duvet cover sets are about to be ordered.  So next week will be very busy with tradesmen and then HH staff putting the furnishings back, all ready for St Leonard’s Church students, who will be arriving on the 8th February.  The result is very pleasing to the eye and we trust all our guests appreciate and enjoy the comfort during their stay.

Photos will follow, when the rooms are back ready for the groups.

Unfortunately the strong winds prior to Christmas brought the swimming pool fence down and it was severely damaged.  Obviously this needed attention urgently and contractors have erected a new metal fence.  This looks great as the pool is much more visible and feels an integral part of the front lawns.


The team at Hill House had a wonderful Christmas break, celebrating with family and friends.  It was a time to rest and reflect on the Christmas message and the amazing gift the Father gave us through his son,  our Lord Jesus Christ and the ultimate gift of salvation and life in all its fullness.

As of the 1st January Dan Hunter joined the full time staff and we are delighted to welcome him and he has already settle in and integrated well into the team.  We praise God for the answer to pray.

14th December

The Winter Warmer Christmas Fayre last weekend was a lovely day and supported by the local community.  The ground floor of the house looked beautiful with decorations and an array of craft stalls.  We would like to thank all the stall holders and visitors who supported our event.

A few photos of the day.

We are now closed for the Christmas break and will reopen on the 29th December to welcome the group who will be seeing the new year in with us.


Thank you for all your prayers and support over the year and we wish you a very Happy and blessed Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

29th November

Today has seen the last Coffee & Shop until the New Year.  It has been lovely during this Autumn period to sit and chat over a coffee and cake with friends, establish new friendships with the local community and visitors.

We will open again Thursday 3rd January.

Just over a week to go until the ‘Winter Warmer’ Christmas Fayre Saturday 8th December 12.00 noon – 4.00pm We are delighted to have a variety of 20 craft stalls booked.  Lots of opportunity to browse for those unique, personal gifts, create your own Christmas wreath to hang on your door, have your face painted, whilst enjoying a wonderful Christmas atmosphere and yummy refreshments.

Please come and join us!

20th November

This Autumn has seen a couple of storms, which brought down a large branch and a few smaller ones, but thankfully no other damage and an abundance of beautiful Autumnal colours.


Last weekend we held our annual Ladies House Party, to sum it up in one word FANTASTIC!

There were 69 ladies of all ages, from Somerset, Gloucester, Weymouth & Bristol, who came away from the busyness and pressures of daily life, work and family.  It was a weekend to rest and relax, while having fun, time for lots of laughter, endless chat and wonderful food.  Saturday afternoon could be spent enjoying crafts which included: Mocha Cocoa in a Jar; Prayer / blessing tins; mini wreath decoration; healing tiles and decoupage bottles (great gifts for Christmas) or going for a walk.   Late afternoon, following afternoon tea (of course), there was the challenge in groups of making your own evening meal, ‘yes, that is correct, making your own meal’!   Pizzas, pasta, salads and Gnocchi (the main dish to accompany the Gnocchi and pasta had been prepared beforehand).  The photos show what fun it was.

Recycle Shop – In previous years we have had a recycle library, so this year we took it a step further and had a complete recycle shop, from clothes, toiletries, crockery, books, ornaments, shoes etc.  It was a great success and we were able to bless each other and enjoyed our free shopping.  Any items left were taken to the local charity shops.

Saturday evening the ladies were in for a real treat, a surprise performance by Marvin Muoneke ‘The Jazz Man’.  This was fantastic, Marvin sang worship as well as the classic jazz songs, a night to remember.

The worship over the weekend was led by Jo Steeds and it was very powerful and moving to hear nearly 70 ladies singing and praising God, a truly beautiful symphony of song.  Emma Wotton shared on the Theme of  ‘Me, Myself & Martha’  and brought challenge, truths and refreshment to our souls under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We were not disappointed, our lives were touched and changed by the power of our loving Father and Lord, the creator of all.

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who came and we pray the Lord will keep the words he spoke and the things learnt, close to your hearts.


Prayer Room – A couple of the prayer stations

Craft Afternoon


Baking Challenge


Marvin ‘The Jazz Man’




Recycle Shop

17th October

Reflections on the Summer!


It was truly a summer of blessing and we are looking forward already to 2019 Camps.

Explore Camp – 7-11yrs

Thirty nine children were booked on this new camp, which was for 3 days and it was a really great time away, introducing new younger children to the concept of Hill House summer camps, and providing what was for many of the children the opportunity to stay away from home for the first time and begin to explore their faith and relationship with Jesus for themselves.

The theme of the week was ‘Pirates’ and Hill House was transformed into a ship ‘The Explorer’ which had been shipwrecked and all the treasure had been lost during the wreck.  The children worked as a team during the week to find all the missing treasure during various activities including, wide games,  site / team building games, building a ship of their own which was then floated on the pool, karaoke / talent show and more!

The messages for the 3 sessions were: We are God’s treasure; God is our treasure and Jesus and faith in Him is the way to God’s treasure.  The children were given opportunity to respond to the message and 4 asked Jesus into their hearts, Praise God.

Week A – 15 – 17yrs

Once again God richly blessed another camp with young people and leaders drawing closer to a loving and living God.

Tim Moody returned to lead our evening celebrations and head up our spiritual input.  Tim spoke on the lost coin, the lost sheep and the lost son before moving on to looking at how we can use our skills for God.

Week B – 11-14yrs

Around half of our campers this year were completely new to Hill House camps.  Some were from churches we already have links with, whereas some were from new connections and others came with no church connection.  We have had young people from various parts of the world on Hill House Camps before and this year was no exception as 4 young people joined us from Barcelona.

The campers enjoyed a week of activities that linked with the theme of ‘Spy School’.  The activities included a mixture of sports and games, along with craft and team building tasks, inflatables and combat archery!

Paul Scott spoke throughout the week on the theme of ‘Jesus said…’ follow me, I am, love, don’t be anxious, die to live, you will do greater things and go!  Paul also ran a series of sessions under the title of ‘Bible in a Week, where he gave an overview of the Bible.

There were a number of young people who made new commitments and many taking their first steps on a journey of getting to know Jesus.

Week C – 11-14yrs

Week C was full to capacity with a waiting list for cancellations!

The theme for the week was Dessert Island.  Steve Moore the speaker was excellent discussing topics such as “Being Present”, “Dealing with Baggage”, “Make Waves”, and “never Stop Asking Questions”.  The young people seemed ‘ready to go’ from the very first evening, and they engaged well with all of the sessions, which were more varied than in previous years.

The sessions took place in the evenings and mornings, there were Question and Answer panels, stations (including videos, nature-trails and silence), coffee-cup-questions and interviews.

The last night sharing time demonstrated just how many young people’s lives were changed for good on the week and we’re so grateful to God for all He did.

18+ Weekend

Hellie Brunt was the guest speaker for the 18+ weekend and all the young adults who attended, found it a valuable time away.   As they delved deeper into Gods word, there was ample opportunity to develop skills for listening and hearing from God and praying together.


Friday 21st September

The summer has flown by and we are now well and truly heading into Autumn!

Looking back over the summer period, it has been a season of the outpouring of the Lords blessing on leaders and campers, for which we give him thanks and praise.  Thank you for your faithful prayer support for this vital work among the young people.

Since the end of the camps, we have been busy with a variety of groups:

SWYM (South West, Youth Ministries) and their new students, spending 7 days with us as they were on their induction course. Pray for these students as they begin on this exciting journey of study and training.

Clevedon Family Church Youth – looking at and discussing  ‘when faith gets shaken’.  This proved to be quite challenging but also a blessed time.

Bridgwter & Tautnon College – We hosted their John Sisk Graduates for Bed & Breakfast, while they were at the Construction Skills and Innovation Centre.

Swindon Evangelical Church – Enjoyed a weekend together and also quite energetic with swimming, archery, BBQ, games on the front lawns etc.

This past week we have had the privilege once again of hosting the Laurel Trefoil Guild (a branch of Girlguiding for adults)  These ladies spend 4 days with us every year, it is their holiday as many of them are older and have some special needs.  They have a wonderful time, with amazing leaders, who put so much into providing a fun programme.  We love spending time with them and did a session of team games and a disco night.

Here are some photos of them busy with crafts.


Today we welcome the Life Recovery Group in the main house and the Seventh Day Adventist from Swindon in the annexe for the weekend.  Please pray that it will be a valuable time away to receive teaching and ministry from the Lord.

Friday 10th August

It is hard to believe that Week A (15-17yrs) camp is coming to a close and tomorrow afternoon Week B will arrive!

The Festival theme and atmosphere has been brilliant!

The Lord has been blessing and moving in the daily celebration meeting and through the teaching.  Young people have responded and engaged with the workshops and thrown themselves into the activities and challenges each day, resulting in a great deal of fun being had!

Please continue to pray for Week B, C and the 18+ teams and campers, that it will be a summer to remember and treasure.  For those who have returned home, that each one will remember the blessing of what the Lord has begun or the next chapter that the Lord is writing in their lives.  May they be encouraged and strengthened in their daily walk with the Lord. Thank You


Thursday 2nd August

The campers on this ‘Pirate’ themed camp have settled really quickly, making lots of new friends.  Some of the activities already done are:  scavenger hunt, team building, crafts, volley ball, football and the evening wide game hunting for treasure.  The sessions have involved energetic worship songs and exploring how they are God’s treasure.

The new basketball hoop is up and ready for use!

Tuesday 31st July

This past week has seen 2 new groups enjoying all that Hill House has to offer and both wanting to return.

Monday – Wednesday we had Safebridges Youth Mentoring Program with us.  They are connected to the Revival House Church and run a program to mentor, train and equip young people to become responsible, successful adults and leaders, discovering their God given potential.  They definitely wanted to make the most of the facilities, with team building, swimming pool sessions and the games room.

Then Thursday – Sunday our guests came from the Seventh Day Adventist Church Dudley.  One of the leaders felt God wanted them to spend some quality time together, really getting to know each other (Sundays can be so busy and it is so often a quick hello, how are you and that is it).   Hill House was recommended to them by another SDA group and so they booked.     Lots of young families soaking up the freedom and beauty of the countryside, allowing their children to run and play around in the grounds without any concerns.  They had a wonderful time not only enjoying the facilities, but enjoying God and all that He had to say to them.

On Sunday after the group departed for Dudley, it was all hands on deck for putting the tents up, ready for Summer Camp.  We have changed the setup this year, in that the tents are in the field where we normally run archery and also where Family Camp spend their May holiday.   Thank you to all those who came and working in the rain showers and gusty winds, we got there.  The camp field looks great, has a closer community feel and we think it will work well.  After the hard work, we had a time of prayer and celebration for the coming weeks of camp and then closed with a BBQ.

After all the planning, prayer and preparations – Summer Camp has arrived!!

Explore leaders are here and transforming the dining room for their ‘Pirate’ themed camp.  The campers arrive tomorrow morning. Please pray for is new 7-11yrs week, that both campers and  team will have a fun time as they explorers of God’s word.




Thursday 12th July

We have just had a visit from Sedgemoor District Council Food Standards Agency and have again passed with Food Hygiene  Rating of 5 

Wednesday 11th July

Football- Groups and schools alike have had the pleasure of watching ENGLAND on the big screen and the atmosphere and at times tension has been electric.  Tonight is no exception, our boys will be watched by 50 pupils including staff. Let’s hope we have a happy group at the end of the evening!

Summer Camps are fast approaching, actually they are just around the corner!  How exciting!

Bookings are very good with a couple of weeks at capacity.

Prayer Card

Where has June and the beginning of July gone!

Our school residentials  are drawing to a close for this term, with Collaton St Mary arriving for their first visit on Monday 16th – Fri 20th.  They are very excited about the visit and we pray that both children and staff will have an amazing time.

The weather has been superb for all our residentials, if anything, dare we say a little too hot!  This was soon sorted with a change of programme and extra pool sessions included, which was welcomed and loved by all.  The ‘new pool’ has been used extensively and the temperature has regularly been fluctuating between 24 and 28 degrees celsius, with endless blue skies overhead and the Wellingtonia in the foreground, you could be anywhere in the mediterranean, lovely!

In June we celebrated with Kennington Fellowship, as we used the pool for one of their members to passed through the waters of baptism.

Groups have enjoyed and appreciated these long, sunny, summer days, being able to spend so much time outside, relaxing, playing games, having BBQ’s and worshiping God and giving Him glory for His beautiful creation.

Monday 28th May

‘Family Camp’ are here as it is May Bank Holiday Weekend!  It is hard to believe that the extended weekend is already drawing to a close for some, while the majority will depart tomorrow afternoon.  They have had an amazing time filled with fun, games, enjoying the new pool, chatting and catching up with friends, time with God and relaxing, that is a perfect way to spend a weekend.  Everyone came through the thunderstorms of Saturday evening and have been basking ever since in glorious sunshine.

Last Week the Year6 pupils and staff from Christ Church School were with us from Monday – Friday.  A lot of fun was had with an action packed programme: from scavenger hunts to wide games, team building and archery,  fun in the pool to high ropes and kayaking and so much more. A great way to learn, outside in the sunshine and the odd rain storm!

Friday 11th May

Groups visiting this next week:

On Monday – Thursday, we will be providing B & B for students from UWE who are at the Construction Skills & Innovation Centre in Cannington (part of Bridgwater & Taunton College).

Monday – Friday pupils and staff from Ashbrooke House School will be joining us for their residential (they run their own programme).

This weekend we are welcoming Waterbrook Church and pray they will have a weekend of fun and blessing.

Meet our new team member Sarah Godbeer.

Hi!  I am originally from Bristol and previously worked as a Learning Support Assistant for young people with additional needs in a local secondary school.

I came to faith in my early teens and was baptised at Counterslip Baptist Church, where I have since been part of the worship team and a volunteer youth leader for many years.

Having attended and been part of the team on Hill House Summer Camps Week 3 (now Week A), I couldn’t let the opportunity to be a part of the team pass me by.  Hill House has been an incredible blessing to me, as it has to many, and I felt that it was time for me to move on and go to where I felt God was calling me.

I am really looking forward to seeing what God has in store for Hill House in the future and feel privileged to be a part of that future.

Hope to see you here soon!!


Sunday 5th May

Bagley Baptist Church are with us at the moment and what a weekend to choose!  The weather has been amazing so far.  A lot of sport has been played and I am sure there is more to come tomorrow; football, crocker, volley ball and cube besides less energetic games of draughts and chess.  A craft session was held in the shade of the trees with the birds singing and children playing on the play equipment, a lovely atmosphere and tonight is the Bagley’s got Talent, for which they are renowned!

The swimming pool has been completed and the results are very pleasing to the eye.  It will be in use shortly.


Last week saw the first school of the season, Truro High School for Girls years 3 & 4 visit for their residential. We spent a great few days together enjoying a full programme of: team building, archery, sensory walk, reflective beads, making wooden tent pegs, disco, bug hunting, high ropes and kayaking with Black Rock Outdoors, wide games and film night.  They returned home on Friday with lots of fun memories and very tired!

Friday 13th April

Today we have welcomed Sarah Godbeer (our new team member), who is moving in to the staff house.  We are delighted that she has joined the team and officially starts work on Monday.  We pray that she will settle in well to life at Hill House and look forward to all that the Lord has planned for her.

The swimming pool is drawing ever closer to completion.  The walls and floor have been skimmed and the surround paving begun to be laid, as and when the weather has permitted!

On Monday 16th the team will begin fitting the liner and then the following week the paving can be finished.  Let’s hope the weather brightens up, otherwise I think we will be filling it with warm water!!!




This Easter weekend we are sharing with our brothers and sisters from Southampton Chinese Christian Church.  How lovely it is to hear worship and celebration of our Lord conquering death and rising to life to give each one of us a hope and a glorious future being sung and spoken in Cantonese.

May the joy of the Risen Lord, fill your hearts this day.

Friday 23rd March

This afternoon, the Girls Brigade will arrive for the weekend.  We have had the pleasure of hosting them for many years over Palm Sunday weekend.  They always have a very busy programme, but the girls have an amazing time.

The swimming pool has moved on at a fast pace this week, with the screed going in and the pool surround being prepared for paving.  It is looking very fantastic!


We have had a busy couple of weeks working with Bridgwater & Taunton College, providing B&B for their visiting students from Loughborough & Brighton university.  As part of their degree they spend a week working and studying at the Construction Skills & Innovation Centre in Cannington.

We continue to facilitate local community events and as such Steart Marshes and Stockland Parish meetings, took place in the annexe this week.

Christ Church Clifton young adults filled the whole site last weekend and were even treated to the picturesque scenes on Sunday of Hill House and the landscape around coated in snow!                   A message from Chris “Thanks as always for hosting us so well, we had a fantastic time”.

The ‘Explore’ Leaders weekend –  this was an informal and relaxed time, for the leaders and those contemplating being a leader on the ‘Explore’ camp, to learn about the vision and content for  the camp.  It was very valuable and many left having a desire to be involved.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is enjoyed by many of our groups including Summer Camp, Weekend Groups and Schools.

Originally installed by St. Hilda’s Girls School in 1953, what was going to be just a general refurbishment of the pool has turned into some major maintenance works.  A firm of professional pool contractors initially carried out some exploratory works and found that several of the walls needed rebuilding.  Some of the additional alterations that are taking place include:-

  • Reducing the depth to 1m across the whole pool
  • Widening the pool
  • New walk in ‘wedding cake’ steps at each end
  • New liner
  • New filter system and pipework
  • New paved surround

The project is well on its way to completion for the start of our busy season starting in May.

We are delighted and excited with the results so far and we know that it will be hugely enjoyed by many of our guests.

The works have only been achievable through some generous legacies left to Hill House.  Thank you to individuals and Praise to our God who has blessed us in this way.

Here are some photos of the work so far, but more will follow as the works progress.


Friday 9th March 2018

This weekend we welcome the Leaders of ‘Explore’ and those interested in being on the team for  the new camp for 7-11 year olds.  Please pray that those who attend will be excited by this venture and will decide to be part of the team.  We also have a large group from Bath & Avon Vineyard Youth, may it be a weekend of fun and deepening their faith with the Lord.

Thursday 1st March

Today is officially the first of Spring and is has been snowing off and on since early this morning.  UFM Worldwide leaders were here for a mini retreat, arriving yesterday morning from Belfast, Scotland and Swindon. They have had a great time together, but due to the weather and having to rearrange transport plans to return home, left at midday today.  We pray they will have a safe journey home.

We have just taken the decision this afternoon to cancel the 2 weekend groups, that were due to arrive tomorrow, due to the existing snow and the forecast for the next 48 hours.

Some photos at 4.20pm


Over the last couple of weeks we have freshened up parts of the Main House as planned – painting the ladies and gents toilets and hallway, off of the dining room, kitchen and wash-up area. Started on some grounds work, giving the sports field grass it’s first cut , cutting the willow and tidying the garden beds.  The days were beautiful but chilly and we thought Spring was just about here, but we were wrong!!!

This coming week:

Lifeguarding – 12th -16th February David will be attending the NPLQ course at Quantock Lodge and hopefully on Friday he will successfully pass and his qualification will be renewed for another 2 years.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be freshening up various areas of the main house, with a coat of paint.

The shortlist of candidates for interviewing will be contacted.

Sunday 11th February

This weekend we have enjoyed the company of families from Emmanuel Bath, who have been looking at what it means to be adopted into the family of God and Bagley Baptist Student Survivor Weekend.  The students enjoy a amazing weekend of teaching, worship, fun and learning very practical skills to assist them as they journey on the next stages of their lives eg, how to successfully change a bicycle tyre, what to do if the electric fails, cooking etc.

A new sign, larger than the previous, has been installed at the end of the drive.  This not only looks smart, but is more visible to our guests, before they drive over the brow of the hill.

This past week we have hosted Blackrock Outdoors who brought the first of 2 groups of students from  Wiltshire College (2nd group will be here the beginning of March).  They were off site every day with Blackrock enjoying a range of activities from caving and climbing, high & low ropes, kayaking and archery.  By all accounts they have had a great time and loved Hill House and the evening meals, which were provided by Kay ‘Live Free Kitchen’.

This coming week:

Monday 29th 7.30pm – Family Camp will be holding their first committee meeting, to plan for the Camp 25th – 29th May.

Tuesday 30th  9.00am- We will be visiting Galmpton School, to meet, chat and give a presentation for their Year 5 residential in July.  We are then going on to do the same at Collaton St Mary School, who are coming to Hill House for the first time in July.

Friday 2nd February – St John Ambulance are here again for Part 2 of the Training Course.

Summer Camp – The online booking is open and places are being filled, may that continue, so that we can be at capacity for all weeks.

Sunday 28th January

This weekend seems to have been very much a Bath affair, with groups from Monkton Combe School and Bath Chinese Christian Fellowship!

BCCF – The worship in Cantonese and Mandarin flowing out of the annexe this morning was heavenly and reminds us of beauty of God’s kingdom, that we are all one through Christ, no matter what nationality.

Monkton Combe School were looking at Paul’s Letter to the Colossians and on all accounts have had a fantastic time.  Football on a wet pitch, left many pretty muddy, but very satisfied.  While the singing from the washing up team, reverberated around the courtyard, as we served in the Tuck and Gift shop.  It was lovely.

On Thursday evening we visited St Andrew’s CofE School in Weymouth, where we gave a presentation to staff, parents and pupils in relation to the Year 6 residential in June.  It was great to see the excitement from the pupils and enthusiasm from parents.  One question from a parent was “Can we come too?”

Friday 19th January

The sun is shining at the moment, which is lovely to see, after the strong winds, hail, rain etc of the past week.  We have been very fortunate and not received any damage, or trees down, unlike many parts of the country.

Later on this afternoon 55 students and leaders from St. Leonard’s Church in Exeter will be arriving for their weekend away.  There will be new students on this weekend, so we pray all will feel welcomed and settle in quickly.  We ask that the Lord will speak to their hearts during this weekend.

Last weekend was busy: The Trustees met at Hill House – Looking to the future and allowing God to guide in the business and spiritual aspect of Hill House, which is also exciting.

St. John Ambulance – They were with us for the weekend, with 28 teenagers on part 1 of their First Aid Course.  All kinds of scenarios were being played out around the site, even in the car park with someone being crushed between 2 cars, very realistic.  The dedication and commitment of the young people is wonderful to see.  Part 2 will be taking place the beginning of February.

The team had a very good couple of days away at the CCI Conference 9th – 11th January.  It was a time of spiritual refreshing with the main speakers Matt Summerfield president of Urban Saints and Ray King who trains Youth Leaders around the world. The fellowship and networking with other Centre teams was great.  We came away energised, encouraged and excited as well as relaxed.


As a Team we are very mindful of the Lord’s provision, protection and blessings throughout 2017 and that gives us boldness, to look forward to the year ahead, with anticipation and excitement for all He has instore for us.

The year is looking very busy with only a couple of weekends available, which is great.  The weekends are predominantly churches, youth groups or youth organisations such as St John Ambulance.  However, we also have people booking for family gatherings / celebrations, depending on the size the Annexe lends itself nicely to this.

We are working with  Bridgwater and Taunton College, mid weeks during March, as a B&B for university groups who are on a weeks engineering, work experience course at the Cannington branch of the College.  Other mid week bookings starting the end of April, through May, June and July and a week in October are filled with school residentials.  Then of course we have the Summer Camps starting the end of July and through August.  There are some changes this year, which is quite exciting with a new group called ‘Explore’ for ages 7-11yrs 31st July – 4th August, Week A 15-17yrs 4th – 11th August, Week B 11-14yrs 11th – 18th August, Week C 11-14yrs 18th – 25th August and then a weekend for 18+ 25th – 28th August.

Dates Booked 2018

The Coffee & Shop Thursdays has been a blessing to us and we trust to those who attend.  We will be looking to continue this year, however, we have stopped for a winter break and will reopen on Thursday 1st March.

Job Vacancies – You will have noticed from our scrolling banner that we are advertising for a couple or 2 single people to join the Team.  At present we have had quite a lot of interest and we ask that you would pray that the Lord would lead and guide us into appointing the people He wants.

Trustees – We thank the Lord for our trustees: Bob, Dave, Tim, Ray, Mark & PJ.   Please pray for them as they seek to serve and honor the Lord in all the decisions that are made concerning the work and ministry at Hill House.We still have vacancies on the board of Trustees, in particular with PR, HR experience and a Treasurer. If you know of anyone who has a heart for this work and may be interested, please get in touch with us.

Maintenance– There will be the ongoing upkeep of the buildings and facilities as normal this year.  However, we will also be freshening up some rooms in the next couple of months and then in December to carry out some major redecoration of the Main House.  We will keep you updated on this News Page with progress and further projects.

Team – We will be attending the National CCI (Christian Camping International) Conference 9th – 11th January at Hothorpe Hall in Teddingworth.  It is an opportunity for us to gather with team members from Centres all over the country and some from abroad, for fellowship, teaching, worship, spiritual refreshment.

We will endeavour to put regular updates on this page for your prayers and information.

Once again we greatly appreciate your interest, support, prayer and love for the team and all the work of Hill House to share the message and love of Jesus to all who visit.



The Hill House Team wish you a very Happy New Year!

We pray the Lord will bless you in all that you do this coming year.


Creative Art Day January 23rd with Sandie Skyrme

A great day to look forward to in the New Year, book early, so as not to be disappointed.  No experience is required, Sandie is an amazing teacher and has a God anointed ministry through the creative arts and it is truly a wonderful day.  You will be amazed how God ministers through these arts and the time spent together.

‘I Will Lift My Eyes To The Hills’ Psalm 121.

You will explore with Sandie Acrylic Painted & mixed media canvasses, Clay relief & sculpture, using air hardening clay and found objects and also creative textiles using collage & machine embroidery.

For further information and booking form,  please visit the Events section of the website.



‘Winter Warmer’ Christmas Fayre

This event is fast approaching Saturday 9th December 12.00noon – 4.00pm.  FREE Entry!

Over the past few years, it has been a great resource to meet and get to know, our neighbours in the local community.  We are very much looking forward to this years event, rooms filled with a wonderful selection of craft stalls, wreath making, tasty refreshments (soup & roll, burger in a bun, cakes etc), face painting and bouncy castle. There is something for all the family!

We would love for you to join us.


What a Fantastic Weekend!

Wow!! That sums up the Ladies 2017 House Party.
A weekend of amazing worship led by Jo and the worship group, leading us into the awesome, presence of the Lord. Inspired and anointed by the Holy Spirit was the word which Emma brought, touching everyone of us. A big Thank You to our lovely husbands Steve & David, without their hard work we would not be able to run the weekend. The photos sum up the weekend, food, laughter, crafts, line dancing & Saturday night fun. It was a joy and privilege to see so many ladies (70 in total) having a wonderful time and enjoying the presence and touch of the Lord.

Thank you for all your prayer support without it our efforts come to nothing.

It is indeed a weekend not to be missed!



This coming weekend 10th – 12th November, will be our 5th Ladies House Party. Wow!  where has the time gone.  It has been an amazing journey and experience for us as a Team, from the initial vision, through to planning, organising and running the weekends.  A privilege and joy for us (as well as hard work and a few moments of panic), to see how the Lord has taken, moulded and grown us and this ministry (which is ongoing as, we are a work in progress), touching and blessing so many ladies. Thank you Lord.

Please pray for the coming weekend and all the Ladies who will attend, that the Lord would once again minister and touch their lives.  Pray for those for whom it is their first Ladies Weekend, that they would quickly feel at home and that everyone will get to know each other and feel welcomed.   Please pray for our worship band led by Jo and also Emma Wotton as she shares God’s word with us, looking at Proverbs 31 ‘A Masterpiece in Progress’ .  Our prayer is that through the fun and laughter, all the crafts, wonderful food, and the worship and teaching sessions, we will all leave having been encouraged, challenged, changed and strengthened in our walk with the Lord.

Thank You

Creative Art Day ‘Woven Threads of Gold’

Yesterday we had 12 people attend the ‘Woven Threads of Gold’ Creative art day and what a wonderful day of ministry through crafts, reflective activities and lunch.  Everyone felt it was truly a day of blessing and below are examples of the creativity that took place.  Thank you to Sandie, who continues to allow the Lord to work through her, using her artistic skills to teach, encourage and bless others.



The windows have been completed on schedule and what a fantastic result.  Thank you to the glaziers who were excellent.


New Windows!

Monday morning we are all very excited as the windows arrive.


The team have been here all week and by Thursday afternoon, we look like this!


Please pray for the glazier team as they continue to replace the windows in the dining room and main meeting room over the next week. Pray also that the weather will remain good.  We thank the Lord for the blessing of being able to replace the windows and the huge practical benefits beside the aesthetic improvement.




Autumn Events:

Coffee & Shop Thursday restart after the summer break, this Thursday 7th September 10.00am – 1.00pm we look forward to you joining us.

‘Woven Threads of Gold’ Creative Art Day with Sandie Skyrme- Tuesday 17th October – Further information and booking form under ‘Events’

‘Winter Warmer’ Christmas Fayre – Saturday 9th December.  If you would like to book a craft stall, please contact the Office.


The Main House and Annexe have now had their “Spring Clean” and we are welcoming our first group for the Autumn period, International Christian Ministries from Bristol.  A lovely warm afternoon, greets them for their first visit.  Perfect for their BBQ and Camp Fire this evening.

Thank You.

A big Thank You to those who attended the Tents Down Day.  A lot of hard work on a beautifully sunny day, however, all tents were packed away by 3.00pm.

Tents Down Day – Saturday 26th August 10.00am

It is hard to believe that we are on the last week of our Summer Camps for 2017. This means that next Saturday 26th August is Tents Down Day – If you are available, please, please, come and help. As the saying goes, many hands make light work.  It has been a summer of blessing and I am sure you will hear stories of what the Lord has been doing over the 5 weeks. Thank you in advance.


Summer Camp!

Week 1  (18-30 yrs) – 30 young adults spent 5 days, relaxing, having fun, attending workshop / seminars,  worshiping and enjoying free time and chatting with friends.   Different guest speakers shared and taught from the word of God each evening.  I think it is fair to say that campers returned home, having been: challenged, encouraged, uplifted and recognizing that their  faith and walk with the Lord has grown and moved on.

Week 2  (12-15 yrs) of Summer Camp is well under way with 42 campers and 24 team. Week leaders Zoe & Dan.  The new tents are great and campers report them being cosy!
After a morning of Team Building Challenges, there is now an afternoon of fun and competition, with giant inflatable slides and obstacle course, followed by swimming, for those who are brave enough!
In the evening Celebration Steff is looking at various aspects of ‘Friendship’ with stories in the Bible (Shadrach,Meshach and Abednego; David & Jonathan; Ruth & Naomi; Jesus & Peter; Paul & Barnabas).

Week 3 (15-17yrs) – 64 campers and 36 team will be arriving on Saturday 5th August for their week.  Week leaders Adam and Vicky.  The speaker is Tim Moody.

Week 4 (11-14yrs) – 56 campers and 27 team will be arriving on Saurday 12th August for their week.  Week leaders Julia and Andy.  The speaker is Paul Scott.

Week 5 (11-15yrs) – 84 campers and 26 team will be arriving on Saturday 19th August for the final week of camp for 2017.  Week leaders Anita, Matt & Maddie.  Different members of the team will be speaking during the evening celebrations.

Please pray for all week leaders and their teams, along with the speakers that each one will know the Holy Spirit guiding and leading them through the week.  Pray for the Lord’s protection over Hill House, the site, tents, all the activities, campers and team.

‘And whatever you do or say, let it be as a representative of the Lord Jesus, and come with him into the presence of God the Father to give him your thanks’. Colossians 3:17

Thank you for all your support.



The Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan for the end of September has been postponed.  We will keep you informed of any future dates.


Thank you to all who came to help and support us on Sunday with the Tents going up, in preparation for the Summer Camps.  Between 70 and 75 people came which is amazing.  When the work was finished we had a BBQ and finished the evening with prayer and celebration for all that this summer holds.  Please continue to pray for all the week leaders and their teams, that each week will experience many, many blessings as they give and minister to young people.





Main House Windows

The windows have been repaired and painted, the scaffolding removed, to reveal how beautiful the house now looks (especially with clear blue skies all around).

School Residentials

The school residential programmes have gone very well and next week sees our last school for the summer term.  Where has the time gone!!

The beautiful weather has just added to the fun and excitement of a fun filled, busy programme of:  scavenger hunt, survival skills, team building and archery, wide games, disco, camp fire, high ropes, kayaking, raft building, football, croquet, volley ball, pool challenges, design & build challenge, great food and so the list goes on.

Thank you for your prayers over this very busy period.


Tents Up and Celebration Day – Sunday 16th July

We want to provide an opportunity for all those who have been involved in Hill House over the years to meet with the current teams running Camp, help put up the tents, celebrate and Pray for the 5 weeks of Camp.

So we have moved the tent pitch to Sunday the 16th July. Starting at 1:30pm at Hill House with the NEW! tents, followed by a BBQ at 5:30pm and Prayer/Celebration at 6:30pm for an hour. There may even be an opportunity for a dip in the pool!

Please join us for any part of the day but particularly for prayer and celebration.

We would be grateful if you could respond if you are coming, so we can estimate food. Many thanks.



We have just said goodbye to our friends from Kennington Community Fellowship, South London.    After 4 amazing days, their visit was fittingly ended with a baptism in the pool and great celebration.



Steart Marshes Open Day

We started the day off excited about the opportunity to represent Hill House Christian Centre, in providing refreshments for visitors attending the Open Day at the Marshes.  It was overcast but warm and we loved creating a welcoming environment for our customers to enjoy their coffee and cakes.  Then the drizzle and rain came, but we were not deterred and nor were the visitors.  At the end of the day, we can now say, it was a day filled with laughter, meeting and chatting to lots of lovely people from near and far and building good relationships with our neighbours.

Here are some photos of the day.





We thank the Lord for His protection:

Early this Sunday morning a herd of approx 20 cows made their way into the Family Camp field, while everyone slept.  Thanks to some campers who were awoken, the cows were herded off the site and met by the farmer.  No one was hurt or damage caused to any tents, a couple of cars had minor dents, thank you Lord.




Bank Holiday Monday:

Some of the Hill House Team will be at Steart Marshes Open Day 10.00am – 3.00pm.  We are delighted to be hosting the Refreshments Marquee, so come along and enjoy lovely cakes and cookies and all the activities that are being put on for the day.  Visit http://www.wwt.org.uk/news/all-news/2017/05/wwt-steart-news/steart-marshes-open-day/  for further information.


May Bank Holiday Weekend means one thing!  It is Family Camp!

It was a glorious day as families arrived and set up for Family Camp.

All survived the thunderstorm of last evening and are sat enjoying bacon butties before a full days activities.



The house now clad in scaffolding and work underway.


Spring is well and truly here!


Scaffolding goes up tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd May).  Over the next couple of weeks, all the windows in the grey building will be repaired and painted.

Please pray for good weather and safety for all those carrying out the work.


 New look Annexe lounge / meeting room.

New goals in use:

The new goals seem to be a big Hit!

Comments from Jacob (Steve & Kay’s son) and his friends: “The goals are an awesome addition.  They’re a great improvement on the last ones, as they’re much more permanent and they’ll be used by almost everyone who visits Hill House”.


Bagley Baptist Church Weekend  football match.  They say: “Great improvement on old goals”; “solid”; “good quality”; “more professional”.


Funding from Magnox Socio-Economic Scheme:

We are delighted with new goals, which have been purchased with the assistance of funding amounting to £829.00 from Magnox Socio-Economic Scheme.  These goals will be used by a great number of our weekend and midweek groups and a great benefit for our school residentials and summer youth Camps.

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Magnox for their generous assistance and support.


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