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Reviews / Memories

Memories / Reviews 2018

Hill House trip so fun and EXCITING! I enjoyed the animal rescue game my favourite part was when I had to walk across the wibbly wobbly chain. I learnt that I can stay away from home and that if I think I can do something I can do it.’ Truro Girls Steren May

‘Thank you so much for the fantastic time we had.  I learnt that Hill House is wonderful, I can do archery, that I can make my bed and that I can be more independent in the future’. Truro Girls School  May

Memories / Reviews 2017

” Everyone in the group really enjoyed our stay -2 nights is not enough!  Prayer Labyrinth is amazing, really special place! Ir was a real time of refreshing for all of us”.  International Christian Ministries

“Beautiful setting and facilities for a weekend retreat”  SDA Bristol

“We are a special needs group.  The staff are marvellous with our ladies.  They could not be more helpful”.  Laurel Trefoil Guild

“We used the Annexe for a social gathering.  It was excellent “. 

” We love our time at Hill House – It is an oasis in our busy year and 2017 was no exception.  It really is a very important weekend for our Church fellowship”. Bagley Baptist

“It’s a fantastic venue to hold our events”.  St. John Ambulance

“Thank you for such a wonderful stay”.  Bath & Avon Vineyard Church

“Thank you so much for a brilliant place to stay”!  Styants Family

“Very helpful staff- makes a big difference”! Oak Hall Church

“We are always made to feel welcome and you are ready and willing to help if needed”!  Peasedown St John