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Reviews / Memories

Memories / Reviews 2018

“Fantastic.  Great time as always”. Brunswick Baptist Church

“The facilities were perfect for our group.  The activities were fun and the children enjoyed every moment.  We would recommend the Centre to other groups”.  Safebridges Youth Mentoring Programme

Thoughts on the school programme – ” Wonderfully well organised with every second designed to give the children the best experience possible.  Well – chosen activities, which increased teamwork and boosted confidence.  Sleeping accommodation was fantastic.  Food was another highlight and was enjoyed by all”.

“Hard to beat this residential experience.  The children were treated like royalty.  The children made memories that will last them a lifetime”. Paul teacher Collaton St Mary School

Thoughts on the school programme” Great variation and all relevant to our children’s needs to give them new experiences and skills”.

“We come back every year as it offers so much in beautiful surroundings that are safe and the staff are so very supportive and make it a perfect residential for all of us”. Karen teacher St Andrew’s School Weymouth

 Thoughts on the schools programme – ” Excellent as always – it challenged the children in an encouraging, friendly and safe environment”.

” Hill House is the best residential that we have been on (many in 25 years of teaching!)

” The Hill House team are fantastic and make it a pleasurable experience for all involved”!  Kate & Liz teachers at Truro High School for Girls

Hill House trip so fun and EXCITING! I enjoyed the animal rescue game my favourite part was when I had to walk across the wibbly wobbly chain. I learnt that I can stay away from home and that if I think I can do something I can do it.’  Pupil Truro Girls School May

‘Thank you so much for the fantastic time we had.  I learnt that Hill House is wonderful, I can do archery, that I can make my bed and that I can be more independent in the future’.  Pupil Truro Girls School  May

Memories / Reviews 2017

” Everyone in the group really enjoyed our stay -2 nights is not enough!  Prayer Labyrinth is amazing, really special place! Ir was a real time of refreshing for all of us”.  International Christian Ministries

“Beautiful setting and facilities for a weekend retreat”  SDA Bristol

“We are a special needs group.  The staff are marvellous with our ladies.  They could not be more helpful”.  Laurel Trefoil Guild

“We used the Annexe for a social gathering.  It was excellent “. 

” We love our time at Hill House – It is an oasis in our busy year and 2017 was no exception.  It really is a very important weekend for our Church fellowship”. Bagley Baptist

“It’s a fantastic venue to hold our events”.  St. John Ambulance

“Thank you for such a wonderful stay”.  Bath & Avon Vineyard Church

“Thank you so much for a brilliant place to stay”!  Styants Family

“Very helpful staff- makes a big difference”! Oak Hall Church

“We are always made to feel welcome and you are ready and willing to help if needed”!  Peasedown St John