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Truro High School for Girls – May 2016

Hill House Christian Centre is such a fantastic venue for any residential visit for so many reasons.

We are made to feel so welcome from the moment we arrive until the second we leave- nothing is ever too much trouble.  The on-site team are amazing and what makes Hill House such a special place – the enthusiasm, pride and attention to detail are inspiring.

Physical, mental, co-operative and reflective, the activities are wide ranging and carefully tailored to meet the needs of every child.  The delicious, home cooked food is just another example of the pride and care the team go to in order to offer such an all round, wonderful experience – full of long lasting special memories.  We have been coming for many years and cannot recommend hill House highly enough.

Mrs Bateson Prep 4 teacher & Miss Ramsey Prep 3 teacher


Galmpton CofE School – May 2016

I have been visiting the centre annually for the last few years with my classes of year 5 children.

Each year we have been warmly welcomed by a great team, who I feel have become good friends.

We have enjoyed a wide range of activities which are continually being expanded.  The experiences the children have during their visits are invaluable.  Each year i see children develop and grow, both in their self-confidence and presence among their peers.  This year, the greatest comments came from a nervous child who exclaimed, “I can do it!  I need to stop fussing and just get on with it!”

I am delighted to say that she has brought this attitude back into the classroom with her and is showing a great amount of determination to achieve.

Our new Mission Statement for the school is “Achieving and Flourishing together in God’s loving arms”.  This was really true of my class during their visit to Hill House and I can’t thank the team enough for their hard work, friendship and support over the years.

Mrs Trewern Yr5 Teacher


St. Andrew’s CEVA School – Weymouth

We keep coming back to this fabulous place.  Since our first visit, three years ago, our Year 6s have experienced the many delights of a residential at Hill House, in Spring and Summer, and so have the teachers-first visitors always want to return and staff have volunteered for next year already!

The setting is safe and luxurious.  The children are always agog at their accommodation-single beds, en-suite showers in the annexe, incredible food with the chance of seconds-some children eat food they never touch at home and are amazed at how good it tastes!  The main house itself is large and rambling, and the children love finding their bearings to begin with, as they make their way to the meeting/conference room prior to meals and activities.  The extensive grounds are fun to explore with many varied areas, including habitat walks, fields for games, woodlands and an outdoor swimming pool, which our children ventured in May-twice!

The members of staff are our friends, as they welcome us back each year, and are quick to perceive the needs of individual children and work as a team with us in supporting and encouraging them all to grow and develop in the four days we are with them.  With the many challenges on offer, from an incredible range of team activities on site (watching the children on Titanic is hilarious and always a highlight for me) and archery on site, to high ropes and kayaking at Black Rock- a short coach ride away-the days are full and challenging and the children enjoy every minute, participating whole-heartedly and finding strengths and abilities they did not know they or others had.

The activities carry on in the evenings, ending, on the last night with a poignant camp fire where the children’s (and adults) moving sentiments and tributes are voiced about the great time that has been had and how much they have learnt and changed.  It is four days which does change children’s lives-they return to school full of confidence and determination, knowing they have achieved much, ready for their next big challenge of transferring to secondary school.

It is a joy to return to Hill House each year and we enjoy being a part of its evolution, as we believe is a centre of  excellence for residential-we were Jacqui and David’s first primary school visitors and they continue to develop our experience from year to year, enhancing our visit every time.

If the teachers enjoy it and look forward to it too, it must be good!  A residential experience not to be missed!

Karen Johnstone Year 6 Teacher and Organiser


 Truro High School for Girls

We are a very experienced staff and between us we have notched up very many excellent and varied school residential trips, but we are all in agreement that our visit to Hill House was the best yet.  This was echoed by our pupils, most of whom agreed that they preferred Hill House to the other centres they had visited.   The accommodation was extremely clean, well maintained and carefully thought out, and the teachers were particularly pleased that there were no bunk beds to be fought over or potentially cause accidents.  The children loved their dorms, describing them as friendly, comfortable and homely with wonderful views.  The food was simple, nutritious, locally sourced very child-friendly and unanimously enjoyed by all, which is quite an achievement!

There was a huge range of activities to choose from, all brilliantly organised and fun yet educational.  Our pupils enjoyed the fact that they were kept very busy, were encouraged but not forced, and that the activities allowed them to use their own initiative and ideas.  However, the most important and impressive part of our experience were our hosts Jacqui and David who could not have been more accommodating, and their warmth and experience shone through from the moment we decided to book through to waving us off as we left.

All in all we had a wonderful time and would thoroughly recommend Hill House to any other school group.

Alison Miller Head of Prep Truro High School For Girls



Our visit here was the first for our school. We were unsure exactly what to expect, but were very impressed. The pre visit correspondence and visit made to our school made the children and staff very comfortable with the trip and the welcome we received reinforced this feeling.

Our stay filled the children with confidence and promoted friendship throughout the class. We cannot speak highly enough of Jacqui and David and the support and leadership they offered through the week. The range of activities was good and the whole organisation was well thought out. The class and staff really enjoyed this visit and we are already looking forward to returning next year.

Debbie Trewern Year 5 Teacher


Christ Church CofE Primary School

This July we paid our third visit to Hill House for our Year 6 camp.  Jacqui and David are always so friendly and amenable that we now consider them friends and our annual trip to Otterhampton feels very much like a visit to a friends’ house – a very relaxed and welcoming friend!

The grounds are excellent, particularly for our children, who spend all year on a small concrete playground.  We now anticipate the gasps of ‘Wow!’ as the children are introduced to the playing field, the swimming pool, the wooded area, the gardens and the playing area.

As for the premises, the bedrooms are large and sunny and the showers are a delight in themselves.  There is an air of space to the Main House, which is where we always stop, and you are left totally in control of your own group, which is what we like.  Apparently there is an area for adults to relax in, but we’ve never had time to explore that!  The layout of the house feels a little bit like a warren, but that makes it feel interesting.  Our favourite place of all (despite the excitement of the new traverse wall this year) is the tuck shop.  The teachers on our trip always enjoy serving the children after a good day and sometimes build up ‘a tab’ ourselves!

The programme of activities is excellent.  We anticipate our two days off-site with Blackrock Outdoors with excitement weeks before our visit. In fact, some of our staff now use Blackrock for their own children’s parties, so high is our recommendation.  The team building days are great fun because the activities are well paced and varied.  Jacqui and David are always on hand and are flexible with their input.  We like to be involved with everything our children do and this has never been a problem.

The catering at Hill House is perfect for children.  Even fussy eaters do not go hungry here.

Tracey Harrington Yr 6 Teacher


Trinity Anglican Methodist Primary School

Hill House combines fantastic facilities and activities within a supportive, Christian ethos which perfectly matches that of our school. Children are supported and guided but at the same time challenged and stretched so that they are happy and comfortable to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and try something new.

Year on year we have seen the package of activities grow and develop. All of our pupils enjoy the array of activities on offer – there really is something for everyone. This year we particularly enjoyed the new survival skills – we will now be safe and warm if become stranded in the wilds!

We are constantly amazed at how our children blossom and grow during their time at Hill House. Children who are usually quite and withdrawn become animated and engaged and start to develop skills we have not seen before.  Our more confident pupils are forced to think outside their usual sphere. All of our pupils love their time at Hill House and the activities they complete.

Jacqui and David provide excellent support and help both before and during the visit. Nothing is ever too much trouble and it is the easiest residential trip I have every organised. Hill House also provides outstanding value for money, which makes it accessible to all our pupils and parents. The annex facilities are beautiful – a real home away from home and Auntie Pauleen’s cooking is amazing.  Staff are queuing up to attend just to have her cooked breakfasts!

Janine Ashman Yr 6 Teacher