Explore is a week of camp for younger children. It is very popular, and we often have a waiting list of campers who want to come. Spaces fill up fast, so it’s best to book early! Explore is for school years 3 to 6 (not those in Y2). The campers will sleep in the bedrooms of the main house instead of in tents. We do a wide variety of activities like archery, team building games, sports, competitions, crafts, BBQ, film night, disco and slippery slide, but the pool is one of the firm favourites! We provide a fabulous team of volunteers to help run the week, including ‘House Parents’ who will take care of everyone’s needs. Children are separated into smaller groups for activities and meals. We also have a lively time of singing action songs and hearing a story from the Bible every day, which the children then talk about in their groups later.

I’m Kate and I’ve been involved with Hill House camps for over 30 years, first arriving at the experience as a camper. I’ve taken part in every role as an adult on camp, which has given me a wide range of knowledge of what it’s like to be a volunteer in all capacities. I feel truly privileged to continue serving as the female leader of Explore, after so many years of growing in my faith as a child at Hill House Camps. We have an excellent group of volunteers on the Explore team, with masses of expertise, patience and passion. I have worked with children and young people my whole career. My current role is as a Key Worker, alongside families with complex needs, helping to strengthen family relationships and functioning. I am passionate about helping children to take their first steps on a spiritual adventure and getting to know who Jesus is for themselves.

I’m Wes and I first came to Hill House as a camper when I was 11. The summer camps played a significant part in my journey with God – following the summer camp in 1992(!) I felt God calling me to take the next step and be baptised. I have been involved with camp for the past 2 summers (on Week B) and am looking forward to leading on Explore for the first time this summer! Hill House is a great place, where you can take some time out, relax, have fun and meet with God – I cant wait to see what He will do with us this summer!

When I am not at camp, I work in a Primary School and love spending time in the great outdoors.