Week B

Week B promises lots of fun and laughter, games and sports, crafts and fantastic company.  Every part of the week, from the activities to the topics we talk about, link together with a central theme.  Our action-packed programme, fantastic team and inclusive atmosphere all help to ensure that each and every person at Week B has an amazing time.  We aim to provide space for everyone to meet with Jesus, whatever their individual experience may be.

I’m Mark, I have been involved in Hill House camp since 2009. It’s a privilege to be part of the work at Hill House, where I also serve as a Trustee. The Summer camp work is an amazing opportunity to see God challenge and grow young people, campers and leaders alike. What God has done over the years through camps is just wonderful to see, what does this year has in store? – well we pray for him to bless us again!

Hi i’m Julia, I have been involved in Hill House camps in many ways. I was a camper through my teens then helped on the team as a junior leader. More recently I have got back involved with Hill House and have been part of the team taking on different roles. Hill house was always one of those places I looked forward to being and it is a real privilege to be able to be part of that again.