Week B

Week B promises lots of fun and laughter, games and sports, crafts and fantastic company.  Every part of the week, from the activities to the topics we talk about, link together with a central theme.  Our action-packed programme, fantastic team and inclusive atmosphere all help to ensure that each and every person at Week B has an amazing time.  We aim to provide space for everyone to meet with Jesus, whatever their individual experience may be.

We will be running a slightly shorter week in 2022, starting on the Sunday and finishing on the Friday. We hope you can make it and can’t wait to meet you all again.

Hello, my name’s Paul, I live in the lovely town of Teignmouth in South Devon with my wife and 3 children. I am a youthworker by profession and have been for the past 21 years. In that time I have had loads of experience in running residential and holiday camps and I’m excited to be involved in Hill House in this capacity – residentials and camps offer a unique opportunity for young people to explore faith and grow in their relationship with God. 

I have been involved with week B for 4 years now, I have had the pleasure of being the speaker for those years and excited to serve in this role now.

Jennie Watts

Hi, I’m Jennie and I have been involved in youth work for many years, and love it.  Summer camps played a huge role in my faith life as a teenager, and I love continuing to see the impact that they have on other young people in their walk with God.  I am looking forward to seeing what God will do with each of us at Hill House Week B, this summer!